Looking at insurance as an investment tool can help you create a defined, yet flexible road map for achieving your financial success.

We can help you develop a growth strategy that will reap financial rewards over time.

Invest with confidence

If all goes as you plan, your journey through life is long and fruitful and a comfortable retirement will await you in your later years. However, experience shows that life seldom follows our expectations. Your strategy for wealth accumulation at 30 might not still be relevant or even viable at 45. At Colina we fundamentally believe in long-term planning and investment. We offer a range of insurance investment products to ensure that you will be covered for the long term for the major expenses that can seriously impact the financial health of your household.

Colina offers a variety of ways in which you can safely invest for the future:

Invest in Your Children

Planning ahead for your children’s education is not only smart, it is essential. With the future economy bound to hold its own set of challenges, you can be sure that you will always be thankful that you invested in your children’s education at the outset.

Today a 4-year degree can cost up to $200,000. Now is the time to think about funding your child’s education after high school. Our Endowment 18 plan comes to fruition on your child’s 18th birthday, so you can give them a gift that will allow them to step into adulthood with some financial support of their own.

A step beyond is our Youth Life plan, a whole life product, which provides protection throughout the child’s life, builds cash value and pays dividends which can be received as cash or reinvested in the policy. If you’re all about teaching your children how to invest in their own future and teaching them to dream big, this is the policy for you.

Invest in Your Future

If you are the type of investor that wants a hands-on approach and more opportunities for financial growth, talk to one of our Financial Sales Representatives about our Ultimate Life plan. Dividend earnings provide regular cash or an opportunity for reinvestment into the policy. Cash values increase and build equity which can serve as a basis for a policy loan. The policy also carries a significant death benefit.

Make an appointment with one of our Sales Agent to discuss how an insurance policy with Colina can translate into an investment for life.

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