Life Insurance

From the moment a spouse or child becomes dependent on you for food, shelter and ‘the basics’, they are at risk if you are suddenly unable to provide for them.

No one likes to think about the devastating effects of losing a family member, but if that family member is you, the main breadwinner of your household, then the grieving process is often far greater when loved ones have an increasing financial toll to add to their emotional burden.

Every responsible spouse or parent should have adequate life insurance. It is the only way to guarantee that your loved ones will still be able to maintain their standard of living once you are gone. Thankfully, Colina not only offers you the protection you need, we also put you on the right path to save and invest in your family’s future.

Why is Life Insurance Important?

Your life policy is an essential tool that will protect all that you have strived for. It is an essential financial safety net that can provide solid peace of mind as you and your family build the future you have planned together.

Colina can help you secure your family’s financial future. By planning ahead for life’s unexpected turns, you can at least be sure that your family is protected and can continue with the quality of life that you have strived so hard to provide for them.


Our policies essentially protect you and/or your family from the financial aftershocks of life’s unpredictable events. Our plans can also be used to fulfil requirements for purchasing a new home.

Insuring your mortgage with a life policy protects the roof over your head and dependents/loved ones.


Make your life insurance policy part of your life investment plan. Life insurance is designed in its purest form to protect us, but why not use this as an opportunity to save for the future at the same time? Many of our policies build cash value  over time, allowing you to build cash equity.


Make your life insurance a tool in your retirement strategy. A solid way to save for retirement while protecting your income and investment.

We will travel many paths in the cycle of life but eventually we all reach a turning point. At each juncture of the journey, you can turn to Colina for confidence to choose the right direction.

Whichever path you choose, Colina  will be there to guide you  with confidence.

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