Your retirement should be a time of financial freedom.

Retire with confidence

Colina can help you achieve a balance between living your life to the fullest today and saving for a bright future tomorrow. Retirement is far from the end of the cycle of life. In fact, for many it is a new beginning. Sacrifices that were made throughout life’s journey are now beginning to bear fruit.

When should one consider retirement planning?

There are two ways to look at retirement. Of course the sooner you start to plan and save and begin to envision life after a successful career, time allows for you to build the equity needed for a comfortable retirement.

On the other hand we understand that until one has achieved a certain stage of life – status in a job, a certain level of wealth accumulation or a family – it is hard to focus on the later stages of life, and difficult to imagine a life for yourself that seems so far away.

That is why we say to customers that it is never too late. Colina believes in working closely with you to assess how we can help you achieve a balance between living your life to the fullest today and saving for a bright future tomorrow.

Choose the right plan that suits the type of lifestyle you desire after you retire.

Insurance As A Retirement Tool

Endowment 65

Your retirement can be an opportunity to spend your hard-earned money doing those things you’ve dreamed of but put on hold during your career and family life; and a time to re-invest for your family’s future, providing a sizeable inheritance for successive generations.

Essential Life

All Essential Life plans may be converted to Whole Life coverage up to a certain age, and our renewable EssentialLife Enhanced plans allow you to renew your term at specific anniversaries at premium rates reflective of your renewal age.

Prime Life

If you have put off thinking about retirement, this is the plan for you. With affordable, level premiums guaranteed for the life of the insured, participants can buy in as late as age 70.

Ultimate Life

This whole life product is designed with the maximum in flexibility. It is essentially a life insurance policy with a built in savings component. With all of the benefits of the Prime Life plus three different premium payment options and dividends earnings, cash values increase over time, ensuring the greatest protection for you and your family’s lifestyle.

Additional Features:

  • Joint Coverage: We offer attractive options in our insurance plans such as Joint Coverage which means that two people are protected under one policy, with the survivor receiving the insured sum.
  • Living Benefit: The Living Benefit is another appealing feature which allows the insured, should he or she be diagnosed with a terminal illness, to use the accumulated funds while still alive.

Over our 155 years as an insurance provider, we have learned that insurance offers the flexibility and compassion that are integral to a retirement strategy. Our products reflect this approach. Contact one of our Sales Agents to discuss your options and learn more about how to transform the way you look at your retirement.

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