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Today, the chances that a person diagnosed with a critical illness like stroke or cancer will survive this life-threatening challenge are significantly higher than they were a generation ago. Adding Restore Critical Illness coverage to your company’s existing health plan can help your employees focus on recovery without the added worry of day to day financial obligations.

Restore Critical Illness Insurance Coverage

Critical illness insurance pays a lump sum directly to an insured employee diagnosed with a life-threatening illness covered under the plan. The lump sum paid under the Restore critical illness benefit is totally under the control of the employee and can be used to help with living expenses such as mortgage payments, loans and childcare while the insured is seriously ill. Colina is the first insurance company in The Bahamas to provide this benefit.

Restore Critical illness insurance is an excellent complement to your company’s Group Health Plan, offering an attractive lump-sum payment solution for employees to offset the additional financial burden associated with developing a serious illness.

While Disability Income Insurance is also known as Income Protection Insurance to provide a monthly income replacement if your employee becomes disabled and can no longer work, it is usually tied to a certain percentage of a salary, is subject to ongoing review of the condition, and ceases once the employee is no longer considered totally disabled. Critical Illness Insurance, on the other hand, provides a lump-sum payment on diagnosis of a critical illness and will not be affected if the employee recovers from their illness.

Critical illness coverage is limited benefit supplemental coverage and is not intended as a substitute for medical insurance. While medical insurance is an essential tool geared primarily toward settling physician, treatment and medication costs, there are no restrictions on how the money from a Critical Illness policy can be used. Restore Critical Illness insurance fills the gaps in your company’s overall financial protection plan.

Colina offers two Group critical illness insurance plans – Core and Enhanced:

Covered Condition Core Plan Enhanced Plan
Heart attack    
Coronary artery bypass    
Renal failure    
Alzheimer’s Disease  
Aorta surgery  
Benign brain tumour  
Multiple sclerosis  
Severe burns  
Parkinson’s Disease  
Heart valve replacement  
Loss of limbs  
Loss of speech  
Motor neuron disease  
Major organ transplant  

Pre-existing conditions exclusions apply

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Actually they are quite different. Under a medical insurance plan the insured is either reimbursed or pays a discounted price for medical service(s) covered under the particular policy eg. Hospitalization, drugs, medical procedures, etc.

A critical illness plan however, provides coverage for a defined set of critical illnesses i.e. cancer, heart attack, stroke and kidney failure, to name a few. The insured is paid a pre-determined lump sum on diagnosis of one of the specified critical illnesses.

Although advances in health and medical sciences have significantly reduced the risk of an individual being diagnosed with a critical illness, there still remain a large number of persons who will become critically ill in the future.
Recovery from a critical illness however is often lengthy and expensive – involving the loss of personal wages and an inability to pay for care and treatment. Many critical illness survivors experience financial hardship because of the indirect costs associated with their illnesses. If you suffer a critical illness, would you be able to handle the extra expenses associated with your recovery?

All Critical Illness policies require you to survive a specified number of days following diagnosis in order to have a valid claim. Under this plan, the period is 30 days.

There are 2 coverage options available under Restore. Our Basic benefit plan covers four (4) critical illnesses and our Enhanced benefit plan which covers a much wider range of critical illnesses.

First, you would need to satisfy a waiting period before being able to make a claim. The waiting period is 90 days for cancer and 30 days for any other Critical Illness condition from the effective date of the coverage.

Student Coverage

PLAN A covers 24 hours a day regardless of where a student may be — at school, vacationing, working, etc. Accidents are covered no matter how sustained, with the one exception of those that occur in the practice or play of American football. If an injury sustained while working is covered by Workmen’s Compensation, this plan does not pay until the compensation benefit has been exhausted.

Plan B covers while student is engaged in defined activities (with certain limitations), including:

  • Accidents occurring on school premises
  • Accidents occurring while traveling
  • Accidents occurring away from home or school premises (other than traveling) while the student is attending or participating in activities sponsored and supervised by the school, or during religious services or instruction.

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