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Critical Illness Benefit

Our affordable Critical Illness Recovery Rider- Essential Recovery Rider- can provide the financial assistance you and your family needs after surviving a major critical illness.

Essential Recovery Rider

Advances in medical science save more and more lives every day. However, even with the very best medical insurance coverage, the financial toll of recovering from a critical illness can seriously impact you and your family. Colina Insurance Limited introduces its Essential Recovery Rider.

Covered Illnesses

Cancer (Life Threatening)

Cancer is the abnormal or malignant growth of cells which spread throughout the body destroying healthy tissue. Cancer is a general term used to describe a wide variety of growths, some less serious than others, including those that are not life-threatening. The less-serious forms of cancer are excluded from the list of covered conditions.


A stroke occurs when the blood supply to the brain is reduced, resulting in damage to functions controlled by the brain. Tiny mini-strokes that do not produce symptoms or persisting neurologic impairment are not covered.

Heart Attack

A heart attack may occur when the normal supply of blood to the heart is interrupted by a blocked artery or clot, causing part of the heart muscle to die. The usual symptom is acute chest pain but symptoms are not limited to chest pain.

Kidney Failure

Kidney failure is the chronic irreversible failure of both kidneys to function, as a result of which regular haemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis or renal transplantation is initiated.

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

Coronary artery bypass surgery means the undergoing of heart surgery to correct narrowing or blockage of one or more coronary arteries with bypass graft(s).

The above is an overview of the five conditions covered by this rider. For more details, please speak to a qualified Colina salesperson or click here.

How can $25,000.00 help you

  • Meet Co-pays and deductibles
  • Cover alternative medicine or experimental treatment
  • Treatment in non-network medical centres and hospitals
  • Travel to overseas treatment centres
  • Second opinions
  • Recover lost income of the insured or a spouse taking time off to care for insured
  • Child care and transportation
  • Housekeeping & Caregiver costs
  • Counselling
  • Keep up with mortgage and debt repayments


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