Keep your House and Assets Safe

Home Insurance

Building insurance

A Homeowners Insurance Policy offers protection for your house as well as your personal possessions. We know that you have likely invested the bulk of your earnings in making your home your sanctuary. Home Insurance is the essential backup plan you need to continue living your dream, secure in the knowledge that your sanctuary is safe against losses as a result of a hurricane or fire.

Home Contents (Renters) Insurance

Life is not perfect and once you move into a house, unfortunate accidents may occur. Additional cover of contents would guarantee that through these trials your possessions are protected. We highly recommend Renters Insurance to cover items like furniture, jewelry or computers in the event of fire, hurricane or burglary. Our policy covers the personal items not covered by your landlord’s insurance policy in the event of a disaster.

Colina General Insurance Agents & Brokers Limited recommends

  • An appraisal of your property every 4-5 years
  • Proper maintenance and repairs of your property as needed
  • Photographing your personal belongings and keeping them in a safe, waterproof place
  • Outfitting your premises with smoke and fire detectors, changing as often as instructed
  • Ensuring that you have adequate coverage for your property