Protect your Boat

Marine Insurance

You have bought your dream vessel – A sportfisherman for those boys-only fishing excursions, a sailboat to cruise through the Exumas, or a simple motorboat for those short but necessary getaways to Rose Island. You are all ready to set sail on the open sea. You can already feel the warm sun on your skin, the ocean breeze beckoning you to venture out into the open waters.

Think of Marine Insurance as icing on the cake, ensuring that whenever you are out to sea, getting away from it all, any physical damage – including vandalism, malicious mischief and damage resulting from collision or sinking – is covered. Feel free then to kick back, relax and enjoy the freedom of being at sea.

Liability marine insurance is also available for ensuring those injured by or on your boat. Coverage also protects against damage to property caused by your boat. Our Customer Service Representatives realize that each boat owner is unique. Contact us to we can customize a policy for you, tailoring it to your specific needs.