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Bahamas Youth Leadership Development Program (BYLD)

Nassau, The Bahamas, April 26, 2024 – Colina Insurance Limited recently welcomed a group of students, from The Bahamas Youth Leadership Development Program (BYLD), as they explored career opportunities in financial services during their corporate tour of the capital, with insights from the Company and CFAL.

Maxine V. Seymour, Director of Corporate Communications at Colina, hosted an informative session where attendees learned from professionals in Investments, Information Technology, Sales, Communications, and Human Resources about the myriad opportunities across the industry.

Tamara Evans, Manager of Settlements at CFAL, engaged the group on regulators, investments, public trading and other topics that sparked their interest, prompting them to actively participate and win prizes.

Nickara Roberts, Vice President of IT Application Support & Projects at Colina, initiated a dynamic discussion with the students about their perceptions of IT. She outlined various career opportunities within the field and introduced Alexis McPhee, a business analyst who joined Colina directly after completing her university studies, exemplifying the direct career pathways available to graduates. McPhee, known for her instinctive coding abilities, spoke about her role in developing programs for the Company, highlighting the practical applications of her expertise.

Alban Smith, Vice President IT Infrastructure and Service focused on security, networking and service desk functionalities. He introduced Cameron Dean, who supports IT services and also made a direct transition from university to the workforce at Colina, further exemplifying the direct pathways available for graduates entering the field.

Kino McCartney, Branch Manager at 21 Collins Avenue, detailed his career shift from banking to insurance sales, describing it as a transformative decision that significantly enhanced his professional and personal life. McCartney highlighted the dynamic nature of sales, portraying it as a career rich with opportunities for growth and personal achievement. He emphasized that sales is not merely about transactions; it is about forging genuine connections and offering meaningful solutions to clients. He urged attendees to consider sales.

Patricia Bain, Manager of Human Resources at Colina, discussed her department’s commitment to creating a supportive work environment that promotes employee growth. She emphasized the crucial role of internships and networking in preparing for a career, highlighting how these opportunities equip individuals with the skills and connections necessary for professional success. Bain also detailed the department’s role in listing job openings and processing applications, explaining how these efforts streamline the hiring process and facilitate efficient placement of candidates into roles that match their skills and career aspirations, so that they are well-prepared and well-placed to contribute effectively from the start.

Zhivargo Laing, founder of BYLD, expressed his gratitude toward Colina for their ongoing support and highlighted the impact of the event, “The students found the visit enlightening and inspiring, and this is precisely that for which we aimed. We hope to continue exposing our students to opportunities to develop their leadership and look forward to your continued partnership as we do so.”

The day highlighted Colina’s commitment to nurturing the potential of young people in the country, aligning with BYLD’s mission to cultivate future leaders.

“We value mentorship and educational opportunities,” Seymour said. “This event was a prime opportunity to highlight the varied career paths at Colina and motivate the next generation of leaders.”

“Colina is eager to continue its collaboration with BYLD, aiming to inspire and empower The Bahamas’ future leaders.”