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Why is life insurance important?

If you want to secure the financial stability of those you may leave behind, ensure that your own final expenses are taken care of, or diversify your investment portfolio, life insurance is an important consideration. Colina not only offers you the protection you need, but we also put you on the right path to save and invest in your family’s future.
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Term Life Insurance

Temporary, affordable life insurance

Term Life Insurance provides coverage for a specified amount of time after which, coverage expires. This type of policy is perfect for covering exposure for a mortgage or as an affordable way of protecting your income during your working years.

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Whole Life

Permanent life insurance that builds cash value

A Whole Life Insurance policy can remain in effect for the insured’s whole life. This type of policy builds cash value and usually allows the policyowner to take a loan that is secured by the policy.

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Endowment Plans

Life insurance that pays a lump sum at a set milestone

An Endowment policy is designed to pay a lump sum upon an insured’s death or on a specified date if the insured is still alive. Endowment policies are good for investing and saving for a specific milestone like your child’s college tuition or your retirement. This type of policy builds cash value and usually allows the policyowner to take a loan that is secured by the policy.

Critical Illness Recovery Rider

Our affordable Critical Illness Recovery Rider- Essential Recovery Rider- can provide the financial assistance you and your family needs after surviving a major critical illness.

Advances in medical science save more and more lives every day. However, even with the very best medical insurance coverage, the financial toll of recovering from a critical illness can seriously impact you and your family. Colina Insurance Limited introduces its Essential Recovery Rider.

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Our policies essentially protect you and/or your family from the financial aftershocks of life’s unpredictable events. Our plans can also be used to fulfil requirements for purchasing a new home.
Insuring your mortgage with a life policy protects the roof over your head and dependents/loved ones.

Make your life insurance policy part of your life investment plan. Life insurance is designed in its purest form to protect us, but why not use this as an opportunity to save for the future at the same time? Many of our policies build cash value over time, allowing you to build cash equity.

Make your life insurance a tool in your retirement strategy. A solid way to save for retirement while protecting your income and investment.

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