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(l to r) Irene Pintard, Assistant Secretary; Dr. Levard Roberts, Nephrologist and Executive Director; and Tamika Roberts, President, Bahamas Kidney Association; Maxine V. Seymour, Director, Corporate Communications, Colina; Karen Hawkins, Patient Support, Bahamas Kidney Association; Nickara Roberts, VP, IT Application Support & Projects and Sandra Smith, Sales Representative, Colina.

Colina Promotes Kidney Awareness

Insurer Donates to New Providence and Grand Bahama Initiatives

Nassau, The Bahamas, March 1, 2024 – Colina kicked off Kidney Awareness month with a $10,000 donation to The Bahamas Kidney Association (BKA). The donation will help the BKA with their core objectives of the diminishing the prevalence of kidney failure in The Bahamas and enhancing the quality of life for those affected by kidney disease.

“Today is the start of Kidney Awareness month and we are happy to continue our partnership with The Bahamas Kidney Association as we do with other organizations that promote health and wellness,” said Maxine V. Seymour, Director, Corporate Communications, Colina.

The donation to The Bahamas Kidney Association is directly aligned with Colina’s committed to health and wellness.

“We recognize that the incidences of noncommunicable diseases are high in The Bahamas and as a company we do what we can to bring awareness,” said Seymour. “Our employees are also important to us, and we want to make sure that we care for ourselves and Dr. Levard Roberts will tell us a little bit about how we can do that.”

Dr. Levard Roberts, Nephrologist and Executive Director of The Bahamas Kidney Association made a special presentation to Colina team members on kidney health.

“Approximately 850 million persons are diagnosed with kidney disease worldwide,” said Levard Roberts. “It is the sixth leading cause of death and we need to help decrease that number and I think awareness and prevention is where we start.”

Dr. Roberts went on to explain the functions of the kidneys in the body and the importance of early detection.

“The kidneys clean the blood, getting rid of the toxins, regulating the electrolytes, controlling the blood counts as well as your bone health,” Levard Roberts informed. “As the kidneys worsen, all these tasks and jobs of the kidney diminish over time.”

“Early detection helps for prevention, reversibility and slowing down of kidney progression – knowledge is key and that’s why we want to promote awareness,” said Levard Roberts. “See a physician regularly, making sure those things like blood pressure and diabetes, if present, are well controlled.”

“The Bahamas Kidney Association is excited to join the kidney community around the world in raising awareness about kidney health,” said Tamika Roberts, President, Bahamas Kidney Association. “During March, we get the opportunity to turn up the volume as we encourage the public to take the necessary steps to keep their kidneys safe and healthy, and more importantly, we focus on bringing to the forefront those that fight this lifelong battle every day.”

Kidney disease is increasingly affecting more and more persons in The Bahamas. It is estimated that 10% to 13% of the adult population battles chronic kidney disease.

“Our mission is to enhance public awareness of the functions of the kidneys and to promote preventative measures against kidney disease,” said Tamika Roberts. “We are committed to decreasing the prevalence of kidney failure in The Bahamas and enhancing the well-being of individuals impacted by kidney disease.”

“Colina has opened their doors and has provided financial and human resources, and we know we could not have made it this far without their support, so we say thank you,” said Tamika Roberts.

Colina’s Freeport branch is also promoting kidney awareness and supported the cause as a silver sponsor, making a three-thousand-dollar donation to The Bahamas Kidney Centre.

“Team Freeport is excited to support this worthy cause once again this year,” said Sandradee Henfield, Branch Manager Northern Region. “Organizations like The Bahamas Kidney Centre provide essential life changes services for many individuals.”

“[Colina’s] generosity will make a significant impact, helping us in raising awareness and promoting the importance of kidney health,” said Jamila Carroll-Thompson, Education & Communication Coordinator, the Kidney Centre. “Together, we can make a profound difference in the lives of countless individuals affected by kidney diseases.”

Colina employees purchased special t-shirts from the BKA to wear every Friday during the month of March. The Company is also participating in the BKA and Kidney Centre’s fun run walks and other events.

About Colina Insurance Limited (Colina)

Colina is a diversified financial services company, offering comprehensive life and health insurance solutions. Colina is wholly-owned by Colina Holdings Bahamas Limited (CHBL). CHBL is a Bahamian Company, built on a firm foundation of trust, integrity and responsibility. Colina has evolved over the past century to become The Bahamas’ largest life and health insurer, with a solid reputation for providing insurance and related financial services products that help clients prepare for life’s unexpected events.

About The Bahamas Kidney Association (BKA)

The Bahamas Kidney Association (BKA) is a non-profit organization, whose work is critical in the prevention and management of kidney disease in The Bahamas. Building on the incredible legacy of Dr. Ada Thompson, who championed kidney disease awareness for many years, the BKA was established to carry on her work with her continued support. The BKA has two main purposes; to reduce the instances of kidney failure in The Bahamas and to improve the lives of persons affected by kidney disease. Together with dozens of excited and committed volunteers, the Association is led by a core group of individuals who are passionate and committed to our cause.

About The Bahamas Kidney Centre

The Kidney Centre was founded in March of 1985 when Dr. Ronald Knowles had a desire to provide dialysis treatment for patients outside of the government hospital. The first unit was established at the Rodgers apartments under the nursing leadership of Mrs. Hannah Grant and was a lifeline for patients who were employed, allowing them a flexible treatment schedule. The unit began treatment as early as 3am so that patients could meet their work requirements. The Centre started with only five (5) patients and today, the organization has three (3) Centres in Nassau, Freeport and Abaco with a total of approximately 190 patients and steadily growing.

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