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Anthony Lonely, Sales Representative, Colina and Maxine V. Seymour, Director, Corporate Communications, Colina received a warehouse tour from Lisa Pinder, Director General, Bahamas Red Cross.

Colina Helps The Bahamas Red Cross Prepare for Hurricane Season

Insurer Donates $10K Toward Food and Supplies

Nassau, The Bahamas, May 31, 2022 – The Bahamas Red Cross (BRC) received a $10,000 from Colina Insurance Limited (Colina) to assist with preparations for hurricane season, which runs from June 1 to November 30 each year.

“Colina is a Bahamian company and we have a vested interest in the health and wellness of The Bahamas,” said Maxine V. Seymour, Director, Corporate Communications, Colina.

“The Bahamas Red Cross is to be commended for their unwavering dedication to those in need in our community, not only during hurricane season, but year round,” said Maxine V. Seymour, Director, Corporate Communications, Colina.”

Lisa Pinder, Director General, Bahamas Red Cross led Colina representatives on a tour of the warehouse and general facilities. She showed them the commercial kitchen used daily to prepare food for the Meals on Wheels programme and, during storms, for evacuees at hurricane shelters. Pinder explained the organization’s system of operation before, during and after hurricanes. She was grateful for the funds which will be used to purchase food and other supplies.

“We appreciate when companies, like Colina, think of us because it tells us that they are community-minded,” said Pinder.  “The Red Cross continues to ensure that we are prepared [for hurricane season].”

“This donation will be used to buy food and disaster items in the event that there is an unfortunate situation and communities are impacted,” said Pinder.

“Climate change is very real,” said Seymour.  “Of course we don’t want hurricanes to come but it is more likely that, from June to November each year, they may come and if they do who are we going to call on?”

“We all need the Red Cross, so Colina wanted to do its part to help the organization prepare for this hurricane season,” said Seymour.

The donation was presented at The Bahamas Red Cross headquarters on John F Kennedy (JFK) Drive.

If you would like to support The Bahamas Red Cross you can do so by bringing non-perishable items to their JFK Headquarters or by making a donation via their website at

About The Bahamas Red Cross

The Bahamas Branch of the Red Cross was formed in 1939 under the auspices of the British Red Cross to support the war effort during the second world war. The Red Cross is an international humanitarian movement with members worldwide. The mission of the organization is: to work for the prevention of disease and the promotion of health and social welfare to train personnel and encourage voluntary service, to act as a channel for collecting money and goods donated by the general public for the sick and suffering.

About Colina Insurance Limited (Colina)

Colina is a diversified financial services company, offering comprehensive life and health insurance solutions. Colina is wholly-owned by Colina Holdings Bahamas Limited (CHBL).  CHBL is a Bahamian Company, built on a firm foundation of trust, integrity and responsibility. Colina has evolved over the past 155 years to become The Bahamas’ largest life and health insurer, with a solid reputation for providing insurance and related financial services products that help clients prepare for life’s unexpected events.

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